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Bounding Boxes

Kloken's Bounding Box Tool - can be used to outline an area on a map to generate the latitude and longitude of a map for the 034 and 255 fields of a catalog record.

Geographic Cutters

  • Geographic Cutters (complete)
    (pdf) (3000 pages long) with cutter numbers for administrative divisions, geographic regions and cities maintained by the Library of Congress.
  • Cutter Numbers for California
  • Cutter Numbers for Geographic AREAS - Cutter numbers for administrative divisions, geographic regions and cities can be found in Geographic Cutters (Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, 1988) or by doing a guided keyword search for the the name of the place or region as a geographic subject heading in the Library of Congress Catalog. If the area appears to have no cutter, contact the Library of Congress' Geography & Map Division.

Geographic Area Codes

Lists of MARC Geographic Area Codes are available from

Canadian tools and tips

from ACMLA.

Map Cataloging Bibliography

List of resources related to Map Cataloging by Kathy Rankin at UNLV.

Map Dates

Date Codes for Road Maps - Linda Zellmer maintains this WAML page with information and links on dating road maps that Phil Hoehn originally compiled. This information is provided on the Map Date Codes web page.

Mathematical Data for Bibliographic Descriptions

defunct: by Jan Smits at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek.

RDA Presentation

by pdf of a presentation by Mary Larsgaard and Kathy Rankin at WAML Hawaii 2012.

Romanization Guides

Contributed by Larry Cruse, UCSD.

Scale Finder

(software) A program that can convert linear scales to representative fractions and vice-versa. v. 7 as of 8/27/2017

State and County Coordinates

4-corner latitudes and longitudes for States and selected counties are available on the MAGIRT web site.

Superseded Nautical Chart Conversion Table

Dead link: A list of charts issued by the National Ocean Survey, National Ocean Service, U.S. Coast and Geodetic *Survey, U.S. Coast Survey) and by the U.S. Lake Service from Branner Earth Sciences Library and the University of California-Berkeley.

Toolbox for Processing and Cataloging Federal Government Documents

GODORT wiki for processing US Government Documents, including extensive map documentation.

Why Catalog Maps?

WAML page maintained by Kathy Rankin outlining administrative justifications for devoting resources to cataloging.