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Early Maps of the USDA Soil Survey Series, 1899-1962

A cartobibliography and indexes of soil survey maps for Alaska, Hawaii, California and the Pacific Northwest including Idaho, Oregon and Washington compiled by Richard Soares at CSU-Chico.

Geologic Atlas of the United States / USGS Folios

Paul Leverenz published an index to the Geologic Atlas of the United States in the March, 1988 issue of the WAML Information Bulletin, Volume 19, Number 2, pages 74-77.

Geologic Map Indexes by Quadrangle Names

  • California @ Chico State
  • Hawaii - WAML IB Volume 19, March 1988, pages 64-73.
  • Nevada, 1879-1982, A-L - WAML IB Volume 15, March 1984, pages 197-215.
  • Nevada, 1879-1982, M-Z - WAML IB Volume 15, June 1984, pages 342-361.
  • Nevada, 1983 Supplement - WAML IB Volume 16, November 1984, pages 64-68.
  • Nevada, 1984-1985 - WAML IB Volume 17, June 1986, pages 235-239.
  • Ohio - WAML IB Volume 23, November 1991, pages 6-31.
  • Oregon, 1883-1996.
    Originally published as Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries Open-File Report O-95-4
  • Utah Geological Survey index for 7.5 Quadrangle Maps

Topographic Quadrangle Series

Clearinghouse of GIS-made indexes to paper map sets, originally produced by Chris Thiry. As of 2018, accepting contributions.

A discovery interface, developed by Chris Thiry at the Colorado School of Mines scanned maps, to scanned maps that are available online from a variety of sources.

Map Librarianship Bibliographies

  • Alan Edward Schorr, 1977. Map Librarianship, Map Libraries & Maps, A Bibliography: Supplement I. SLA Geography & Map Division Bulletin 107, pages 2-18.
  • Alan Edward Schorr, 1974. Map Librarianship, Map Libraries & Maps, A Bibliography, 1921-1973. SLA Geography & Map Division, Bulletin 95, pages 2-35.
  • Current Literature on GIS in Libraries from McMaster University Libraries Lloyd Reeds Map Collection

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps