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Cataloging News

September - December 2012

Reported by Paige Andrew

Brand New Combined PCC BSR

For those of you who are members of the LC PCC BIBCO program some exciting news was recently released (on Nov. 9, 2012), a new “combined BSR”! Now we catalogers only have to worry about looking in one place for specifics on the Bibliographic Standard Record, as opposed to seeking out one of the former ten format-based BSRs. (of course, some may also bemoan this change and would prefer that we retain our own cartographic BSR since several of us map catalogers contributed hours of time and effort to the original one and subsequent updates) This new BSR includes RDA-based MARC fields as well, so it is comprehensive. Here’s a portion of the announcement I received as the BIBCO Coordinator for my institution:

“I’m extremely pleased to announce the availability of the new RDA BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) for multiple formats.  It has been mounted on the PCC Website:

BSR in PDF: http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/scs/documents/PCC-RDA-BSR.pdf
BSR in Word: http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/scs/documents/PCC-RDA-BSR.docx
Many thanks to those who made this possible, but especially to Chris Cronin for his amazing work in pulling it all altogether. A related document, the Combined Provider-Neutral  E-Resource Guidelines are also available for review with great thanks to Becky Culbertson:

P-N E-Resource Guidelines: http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/scs/documents/PN-RDA-Combined.docx

Please read through the guidelines carefully and give them a try.  We are seeking your input in the form of a survey on both documents that can be found at:

We will be gathering input through the month of November, reviewing and making any necessary changes to the guidelines in December, and publishing the new guidelines on the PCC site by the end of the year.” 

Philip E. Schreur
Head, Metadata Department
Chair, Program for Cooperative Cataloging
Stanford University

In addition to the new BSR if you missed it in the middle of this announcement, a related final document is now also available, the “Combined Provider-Neutral E-Resource Guidelines”.
PLEASE NOTE the survey that is underway, and take the time to share your thoughts, to the benefit of all of us!
PCC RDA Name Authority File Phased Changes

Just a reminder, the PCC continues to move forward on updating the LC Name Authority File to bring it into alignment with RDA, and is currently working through Phase II of their “game plan.” From their document, “Summary of Programmatic Changes to the LC/NACO Authority File” at: http://www.loc.gov/aba/rda/

Phase One will consist only of adding a 667 note to the name authority record (started on July 30, 2012)

Phase Two will consist of the actual programmatic changes to the 1XX heading that are not acceptable under RDA (e.g., changes to Bible headings, spelling out Dept. and months, etc., in the subfield $d for personal names).  This Phase is scheduled to take place before March 31, 2013

For background reading on this entire project, see the document “PCC Day One for RDA Authority Records” found at: http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/ under the What’s New, Decisions, Policies, and Tasks section.”

Phase One was completed in September and I’m sure many of you catalogers have been seeing the use of the new 667 note in given authority records to guide you on usage.

Other Items of Potential Interest

1. Forthcoming Workshop on Map Cataloging including RDA

As a reminder, Susan Moore and I are currently planning a program on cataloging cartographic materials using RDA for the 2013 ALA Annual Conference. The 1.5 hour session is being hosted by the Map and Geospatial Information Round Table of ALA and co-sponsored by the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services. Due to the short amount of time allotted the instructors will focus exclusively on title information, mathematical data changes, the new publication/production/distribution/copyright field, and physical description/carriers.

2. New Maps Cataloging Book for RDA

Work by co-authors Paige Andrew and Mary Larsgaard continues on a new cataloging manual for RDA. While a firm publication date has not been established by ALA Editions, if upcoming deadlines are met by the authors the book should be available around the official time of RDA implementation, April 2013 (okay, officially its March 31, 2013). If you are interested in this how-to manual you can find information, including pre-ordering, at the ALA Editions bookstore site, http://www.alastore.ala.org/detail.aspx?ID=3542.

3. New Canadian Cartographic Materials Citation Guidelines

One of the benefits of membership in the Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives (ACMLA) is receiving their Bulletin, which is always full of interesting information on what is going on across Canada with our fellow map librarians. And, of course, even more important is keeping an active network alive, and hopefully growing, with my colleagues north of the border. So, it was exciting to read about (and see accompanying pictures of attendees and presenters!) CARTO 2012, the ACMLA 46th Annual Conference held June 12-15, 2012 at the Ryerson University Library and Archives in Toronto. And another important part of the Spring/Summer 2012 issue of the ACLMA Bulletin (No. 141) is the inclusion of a brand new set of map citation guidelines.

The ACMLA Recommended Best Practices in Citation of Cartographic Materials was compiled by Alberta Auringer Woods and presented by the Bibliographic Control Committee of the ACMLA. It contains five example citations for each of 27 different forms of cartographic material in a table-based layout. Very easy to use and will be helpful to anyone needing to “see” citation styles for use in a given paper or book. Of course, this set of guidelines comes on the heels of the 2nd edition of Cartographic Citations, A Style Guide by Christine Kollen, Wangyal Shawa, and Mary Larsgaard, a publication of the Map and Geography Round Table (now Map and Geospatial Information Round Table) of ALA, that came out in 2010. Similar to the new Canadian citation guidelines, this book is broken down into 6 broad cartographic material types and under each are examples for each type, often with more than the five-per-type shown in the Canadian guidelines.

The ACMLA cartographic citation guidelines can also be found at: http://www.acmla.org/docs/ACMLA_BestPracticesCitations.pdf

It’s always helpful to have tools to turn to for any task needing to be done in map librarianship, so I thank Alberta and the members of the BCC for the work that went into this effort.

Paige Andrew
Maps Cataloging Librarian
Pennsylvania State University

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