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Benchmarks: People & Jobs

  • The WAML Jobs Blog has ended.
    However, I will continue to link to job announcements at this location, such as:

  • Digital and Rare Map Librarian, Branner Earth Sciences Library, Stanford University

New Maps of the WAML Region

Publications about Mapping

  • The American Geographical Society Library has published a new book, Manuscript and Annotated Maps in the American Geographical Society Library: A
    . The 77-page soft -cover volume was compiled by AGSL librarian Jovanka Ristic' with the assistance of Scott McEathron (WAML member).
  • The book offers descriptive entries on
    maps in AGSL that were drawn by
    hand dating from 1452 to the 1940's.
    Many of the maps listed are extremely
    rare, beginning with the oldest example,
    the 1452 "Map of the World'" by Venetian
    cartographer Giovanni Leardo. The
    Cartobibliography also has entries on
    AGSL's printed maps with manuscript
    annotations, including nautical charts
    notated by Charles Lindbergh as he
    planned the first trans-Atlantic flight.

    The book has a bibliography, a
    comprehensive index and several
    appendices. Publication of the
    Cartobibliography was supported by
    grants to the AGS Library.

    For more information on AGS Library
    publications, visit our website.

    An order form is available here.

    For more information, call
    414-229-6282 or email

    Angie Cope, Senior Academic Librarian
    American Geographical Society Library
    UW Milwaukee Libraries
    2311 E. Hartford Avenue
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201

Other Map Organization Journals

  • GSIS: Newsletter (posted 6 months after publication)
  • CUAC : Cartographic Users Advisory Council
  • ANZMaps: The Australian and New Zealand Map Society Newsletter
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  • Upcoming meetings update:

  • WAML's next meeting will be May 17-20, 2011 in Vancouver, BC. This was to be a joint meeting with ACMLA, but their executive board was not able to keep these dates (they will instead be meeting in June in Quebec). I welcome any western ACMLA to still attend the WAML meeting in Vancouver. Also, we will try to have joint meeting with ACMLA when they are meeting in the west.

    We are in the premiliminary stages of organizing a joint meeting with the Western Historical Association. The meeting will be October 13-16, 2011 in Oakland, California. WHA member Tamsen Hert will be organizing the meeting, along with Cynthia Moriconi and myself. If you are in northern California and have ideas for speakers and/or local arrangements, please contact one of us.

    Lastly, we will also be returning to Hawaii in Fall 2012. We don't have exact dates yet, but the meeting will probably be in early November. Mabel Suzuki will be organizing the meeting with other WAML members in Hawaii. Given the expense of the Hawaii meeting, we will probably not have a meeting in Spring 2012.

  • Just a reminder: the Index for the Information Bulletin [PDF] is now freely available online. The index covers the years 1969-2004. For more infomation about the Information Bulletin, see the WAML Publications page. For information about purchasing back issues of the IB, please contact our Subscription Manager, Jim O'Donnell, at wamlsubsmgr@yahoo.com.

Other News

  • The Arizona Electronic Atlas has moved:

    The new site, Arizona Geospatial Data and Maps, provides geospatial data to download and simple prepared maps you can view, save, or print. You will find all geospatial data you previously could download on the Arizona Electronic Atlas now available at Arizona Geospatial Data and Maps. All maps previously available on the Atlas Gallery of Maps are available on the new site. Since the major uses of the Atlas were downloading spatial data and using the Gallery of Maps, the interactive part of the Atlas is no longer available.

    Chris Kollen
    University of Arizona

  • The National States Geographic Information Council Seeks Input on Geospatial Platform

    "The Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) is seeking input on its plan to modernize the National Spatial Data Infrastructure with The Geospatial Platform. As defined in the plan, the Platform ... will offer a managed portfolio of common geospatial data, services and applications contributed and administered by trusted sources and hosted on a shared infrastructure.

    The initiative is intended to increase information sharing across various levels of government and industry. The initiative will use a managed portfolio approach, be implemented using a service-oriented architecture, and will use open and interoperable standards and technology. The Platform will be governed by a Managing Partner and a Partner Network of federal, state, local and private sector organizations.

    There is some confusion in the blogosphere over how the Platform relates to the National Map, the GeoLoB (Geospatial Line of Business), Data.gov, and the NOAA web mapping application for the BP Oil Spill response. The FGDC plan explains the connections and notes that the existing NOAA application is a prototype for one type of application to be supported by the Platform. NOAA appears to be taking a larger role than in previous NSDI efforts that tended to be primarily USGS.

    The Platform has been endorsed by the National Geospatial Advisory Committee. The FGDC is welcoming feedback on the plan via an IdeaScale website or by emails to geoplatformcomments@fgdc.gov through December 2010."

  • NOAA Unveils Special Collection of Civil War Maps and Nautical Charts

    In honor of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War in 2011, NOAA has assembled a special historical collection of maps, charts, and documents prepared by the U.S. Coast Survey during the war years. The collection, "Charting a More Perfect Union," contains over 400 documents, available free from NOAA's Office of Coast Survey website. The Civil War special collection is accessible through a searchable database at http://www.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov/history/CivilWar.

  • The University of California's Water Resources Center Archives Prepares to Move to Southern California

    The UC Riverside Libraries and the Cal State San Bernardino Library will be receiving the Archive. UCR's portion will be moved into the Orbach Science Library. The maps and air photos will be housed in the Map Collection in the OSL. I'm sure that the materials will be very useful to researchers in Southern California and elsewhere. See also: UC Riverside and Cal State San Bernardino will manage the collection collaboratively

    Lizbeth Langston

  • San Francisco Chronicle article on the famous giant relief map of California: 'Paradise' found: 70-ton elephant at S.F. Port

  • Enigeo is a free download that lets you test your students’ geographical knowledge.

  • HOW TO: Manage Your Presence on Google Maps: for a business OR a library...

  • History in the Unmaking: imagery of Paris and London from the 1940s is now available in Google Earth 

  • Nicaragua Invades Costa Rica, Blames Google Maps

  • Florida town erased by Google maps

  • Receive a free poster of a GeoEye-1 image from EastView Cartographic

Future WAML Meetings:

  • No Meeting, Fall 2010
  • Vancouver, British Columbia, May 17-20, 2011
  • Oakland, California, October 13-16, 2011 (with WHA)
  • Hawaii, November 2012
  • WAML Meetings Web Page

Conferences, Classes & Exhibitions
  • The Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting will be in Seattle, April 12-16, 2011. See website for registration details.

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Cataloging News

  • A note on MARC coding: In June 2010, the Library of Congress Policy and Standards Division announced (PDF) that the MARC coding for genre/form headings will be revised. The revisions will not be implemented until late 2010 at the earliest. Catalogers should continue to use second indicator “0” (zero) in the 655 field of bibliographic records until further notice.

  • For a summary of the ALA MAGERT pre-conference: Cataloging & Description of Cartographic Resources: From Parchment to Pixels, Paper to Digital
    (June 24-25, 2010, ALA Annual Conference, Washington, D.C.), see the October 2010 issue (Volume 31, no. 5) of base line.

  • NEMO, the North East Map Organization, will be celebrating its 25th anniversary at the NEMO Annual Meeting at the Boston Public Library. A firm date has yet to be set but will likely be the first week of June, 2011.

  • The latest issue of the Journal of Map & Geography Libraries includes an article published by longtime and always active WAML member Julie Sweetkind-Singer. Titled "Herbert Hoover: A Geologist in Training" this richly illustrated article shares our 31st U.S. President's college years at Stanford as he trained to be a geologist.

  • WAML Members Paige Andrew and Mary Lynette Larsgaard are now working on a manual/guidebook for cataloging cartographic materials using the new international cataloging standard, Resource Description and Access after receiving news that their book proposal was successfully approved by ALA Editions in late October. Anticipated publication of the book is late 2011.

Paige Andrew, Pennsylvania State University

  • OCLC and RDA

    RDA: Resource Description and Access (RDA) is the new cataloging standard that will replace AACR2. It offers libraries the potential to change significantly how bibliographic data is created and used. OCLC is committed to supporting members who wish to implement RDA in their libraries, but will not require that libraries adopt RDA.

    Last October OCLC offered an informative online session on RDA and more sessions are under consideration. Now, many of our Partners (Amigos, LYRASIS, MCLS, Minitex, MLNC, and OHIONET) are making their RDA information and educational offerings available to you.

    There is a wide range of RDA information available through the OCLC RDA Resource page. There you can find informational links to the OCLC policy with respect to RDA, training materials, a schedule of upcoming courses from our Partners, and the RDA Toolkit, which was co-published by the American Library Association (ALA), Canadian Library Association (CLA), and Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP). For Partner classes on RDA visit the OCLC Training Portal.

  • We ask that you do not add RDA records to WorldCat until you have gained a fair understanding of the new process.

    Please send any questions or concerns to: askqc@oclc.org

    Luanne Goodson
    Consulting Database Specialist
    OCLC Quality Control Section
    6565 Kilgour Place MC 139
    Dublin, Ohio, USA 43017-3395

  • Online Forum for RDA:

  • Some of us map catalogers were emailing on this topic, and one of us - Carolyn Kadri - suggested an online forum for map catalogers would be helpful. Since I'm the one of us who's retired, I volunteered to set up the discussion using the American Library Association's ALA Connect.

    You do not have to be a member of ALA to participate in the forum.

    Here's how it works:

    1. Create an account:
    - Go to: http://connect.ala.org
    - Near top of left-hand column,
    select "Create an account"

    2. "MAGERT Cartographic Resources and
    RDA" is the name of the "community."

    The discussions currently are:

    Questions and problems with creating bibliographic records for cartographic resources using RDA

    Differences between using AACR2R and using RDA to create bibliographic records for cartographic resources

    Examples of work- and expression-level records

    Examples of manifestation-level records

    Scale, projection, and coordinates

    More discussion topics needed? Please email me at mary@library.ucsb.edu since I'm the administrator for the community.

    Mary Lynette Larsgaard
    Librarian Emeritus
    University of California, Santa Barbara

    POBox 14805
    Santa Barbara CA 93107

  • Library of Congress ‘Maps’ Policy Change: Proposals for handling the new LC policy for map form subdivision

Canadian News

  • "Tim reports that he and Tom Brittnacher are working on local arrangements and program for the WAML meeting at UBC, Vancouver, May 17-20, 2011."

  • 2011 ACMLA Conference moved to Québec

    Carto 2011 will be hosted by Université Laval in early June 2011. If you are interested in participating with the planning process, please contact Ann Smith, ACMLA's First Vice President.

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New Maps & Web Sites of Interest

  • Maps & Images is an Italian site for antique maps. You are allowed to access high resolution images; you can buy digital files and order typographical prints of your favorite image. Mapsandimages hosts collections of outstanding value either for their contents or rarity. At the moment the acquisition of Vladimiro Valerio’s cartographical collection is in progress; 613 images, of this collection, belonging to 15 atlases and 9 large scale maps, are already on line.

  • Historypin is an online tool that acts as a digital time machine, allowing people to view and share history in a totally new way.

    Using Google Maps and Street View technology, Historypin aims to become the largest user-generated archive of the world’s historical images and stories.

    The site invites the public to dig out, upload and pin their own old photos, as well as the stories behind them, onto the Historypin map. Uniquely, Historypin allows users to layer their old images onto modern Street View scenes, revealing a series of windows into the past.

    Historypin is a global project. It was launched in London in June 2010 and in the next few years there will be events and projects held all over the world over.

  • Official New Zealand Topographic Maps available for free online through the new website www.nztopomaps.com:

  • The online service allows users to quickly find, view and print topographic maps for planning recreational, business and research activities, and includes a place name search function. nztopomaps.com provides fast and simple access to the 'NZTopo' Topographic Map Series, which are traditionally purchased as printed paper maps.

    The 'NZTopo' Topographic Map Series, produced by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), is used for a variety of recreational activities such as tramping and fishing, and by businesses and government entities such as the Department of Conservation. Topographic maps are also an essential tool for defense planning, location and routing services, and land management.

    The service is also available on smartphones such as iPhone devices, and makes use of their in-built GPS capabilities. Screen shots from an iPhone to demonstrate the use of nztopomaps.com on a smartphone are available from our media resources page at http://www.nztopomaps.com/media/.

    A detailed introduction to nztopomaps.com, with TVNZ News Presenter Peter Williams, is available for viewing on YouTube at

    Contact for enquiries:
    Reuben Williams
    phone: 021 814 080
    email: info@nztopomaps.com

  • ArcGIS.com from ESRI is a Web site for experiencing online ArcGIS. Visit the site to create maps, find and use maps, applications, and tools, and share your maps and applications with others. Within the site, you will find applications for building and sharing maps. You will also find thousands of basemaps, specialty layers, applications, and tools that you can view and use, plus communities you can join.

  • Travel Times on Google Maps: Mapnificent is a Google Maps mashup that shows how far you can travel on public transport for any given time period in a number of worldwide cities.

  • Early Maps of Siberia Digitized: web site and blog article

  • The International Cartographic Association's Map of the Month

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