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Compiled by Ken Rockwell, Sept. 30, 2010


Alaska Energy Authority. Renewable energy atlas of Alaska: a guide to Alaska's clean, local, and inexhaustible energy resources.  1 atlas (24 p.), scales differ.  Anchorage, Alaska : Alaska Energy Authority, Renewable Energy Alaska Project, pub. 2009.  OCLC: 660088400; Web access:  http://akenergyauthority.org/Reports%20and%20Presentations/EnergyAtlas2009.pdf

DeLorme (Firm). Alaska atlas & gazetteer: detailed topographic maps : back roads, recreation sites, GPS grids : boat ramps, campgrounds, places to explore. 1 atlas (156 p.), scale 1:300,000. Yarmouth, Me.: DeLorme, 7th ed., pub. 2010. ISBN: 9780899332895; OCLC: 664138534


U.S. Forest Service, Southwestern Region. Apache-Sitgreaves national forests, Arizona.  2 maps on 1 sheet, scale 1:126,720.  Albuquerque, N.M.: The Forest Service, pub. 2010.  ISBN: 9781593512262;  OCLC: 665165491


Lakin, Michael. Victoria/Gulf Islands cycling & walking map.  2 maps on 1 sheet, scales 1:28,180 and 1:34,100.  Victoria, B.C.: Davenport Maps, 4th ed., pub. 2008.  ISBN: 9781896888132;  OCLC: 660171874

Thomas, M. D., et al.  New high resolution aeromagnetic data: a new perspective on geology of the Bonaparte Lake map area, British Columbia.  12 maps on 3 sheets, scale ca. 1:300,000.  Ottawa: Geological Survey of Canada, Open file no.5743, pub. 2008.  OCLC: 660171872; Web access:  http://apps1.gdr.nrcan.gc.ca/mirage/full_result_e.php?id=224676


DeLorme (Firm).  California atlas & gazetteer.  1 atlas (160 p.), scale 1:200,000.  Yarmouth, Me.: DeLorme, 2nd ed., pub. 2010.  ISBN: 9780899333830; OCLC: 665070082

Fore Better Golf, Inc.  San Francisco/Sacramento golf road map.  1 map, not drawn to scale.  Bloomingdale, Ill.: Fore Better Golf, 9th ed., pub. 2009.  ISBN: 9781570840999; OCLC: 664027892

Seeger Map Company. Wineries of Napa and Sonoma counties.  1 map, scale ca. 1:150,000.  Heathrow, Fla.: AAA, pub. 2010.  OCLC: 666700676


Accent Maps, Ltd.  Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak region: featuring old Colorado City.  8 maps on 1 sheet, scales differ.  [Location not given]: Accent Maps, Ltd., pub. 2010.  OCLC: 663480217

Cole, Christopher J., et al.  Landsat Thematic Mapper image of Colorado.  1 remote-sensing image on 1 sheet, scale ca. 1:650,000.  Denver, Colo.: USGS Rocky Mountain Geographic Science Center, pub. 2010. ISBN: 9781411326354; OCLC: 663829986.  Web access:  http://pubs.usgs.gov/sim/3101

Colorado, Division of Wildlife.  2010 Colorado small game walk-in atlas.  1 atlas (36 p.), scales differ.  Denver, Colo.: Colorado Division of Wildlife, pub. 2010.  OCLC: 663477326


Kauaian Institute (Firm).  Ahupua`a on Kaua`i: ancient Hawaiian boundaries & place names.  1 map, scale 1:94,400.  Kapa`a, Kaua`i, HI: Kauaian Institute, pub. 2009.  OCLC: 663376909

Odyssey Publishing.  The ready mapbook of East Hawaii.  1 atlas (87 p.).  Hilo, Hawaii: Odyssey Publishing, LLC, 5th ed., pub. 2008.  OCLC: 663410970

Streetwise Maps, Inc.  Streetwise Hawaii: Hawaii, Kauai, Maui, Molokai, Oahu and downtown Honolulu.  6 maps on 1 sheet, scales differ.  Sarasota, Fla.: Streetwise Maps, pub. 2009.  OCLC: 660795935


dtG Maps (Firm).  Missoula County, (South) Lake County: detail map pages and street index.  1 atlas (various pagings), scale 1:15,840.  Bozeman, Mont.: dtG Maps, 6th ed., pub. 2008.  OCLC:  662579230

dtG Maps (Firm).  Yellowstone County: detail map pages and street index.  1 atlas (various pagings), scale 1:15,840.  Bozeman, Mont.: dtG Maps, 6th ed., pub. 2008.  OCLC: 662579233

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  Lost Trail National Wildlife Refuge: authorized public uses. 1 map, scale ca. 1:65,000.  Washington, D.C.: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, pub. 2010.  OCLC: 666700666


New Mexico Wine Country, Inc.  New Mexico wine country: a guide to the wineries of New Mexico.  1 map, scale ca. 1:2,600,000.  Albuquerque, NM: New Mexico Wine Country, Inc., pub. 2010.  OCLC: 666867504


Hood River County Fruit Loop (Or.)  Hood River County fruit loop: 2010 guide to local farm stands.  1 map, scale not given.  Odell, Or.: Hood River County Fruit Loop, pub. 2010.  OCLC: 664125671

Niewendorp, Clark A., et al.  Mineral information layer for Oregon.  1 CD-ROM, input scale 1:1,013,760.  Portland, Or.: State of Oregon, Dept. of Geology and Mineral Industries, pub. 2010.  OCLC: 659842421


Columbia Gorge Winegrowers Association.  Columbia Gorge wine map.  1 map, scale not given.  Hood River, Or.: Columbia Gorge Winegrowers, pub. 2010.  OCLC: 664027087


Elliott, Ashley, et al.  Landslide maps of Utah.  1 DVD-ROM, input scale not given.  Salt Lake City, Utah: Utah Geological Survey, map no. 246DM, pub. 2010.  OCLC: 664125467

Travel guide to the Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area: Utah Heritage Highway, Utah 89.  1 map, scale ca. 1:730,000.  Mt. Pleasant, Utah: MPNHA, pub. 2008.  OCLC: 664760710


Haugerud, Ralph Albert, et al.  Geologic map of the north Cascade Range, Washington.  1 map, scale 1:200,000.  Reston, Va.: U.S. Geological Survey, Scientific investigations map no. 2940, pub. 2009.  ISBN: 9781411326705; OCLC: 664696252
Access:  http://purl.access.gpo.gov/GPO/LPS116476

Rand McNally and Company.  City map book, Washington cities: including Anacortes, Bellingham ... Wenatchee, Yakima.  1 atlas (59 p.), scale 1:34,000.  Chicago, Ill.: Rand McNally, pub. 2010.  ISBN: 9780528882463;  OCLC: 656487503


Black Hills, Badlands & Lakes Association of South Dakota.  Badlands & Black Hills of South Dakota & northeastern Wyoming.  1 map, scale ca. 1:325,000.  Rapid City, S.D.: Black Hills, Badlands & Lakes Association of South Dakota, pub. 2010.  OCLC: 660169712

U.S. Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Region.  Medicine Bow National Forest, Laramie Peak Unit, Wyoming.  1 map, scale 1:126,720.  Laramie, WY(?): U.S. Forest Service, pub. 2010.  ISBN: 9781593511364;  OCLC: 664271769




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