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WAML Scanning Projects Clearinghouse

Over the past few years, it has become obvious that a number of different universities and public libraries have completed map digitization projects. Additional projects are being planned or are underway. This Clearinghouse is an effort to create a union list of digitization projects. Its goal is to increase our knowledge of and accessibility to scanned items and avoid duplication of efforts.

Submit a Project (Request a password if you do not yet have one.)

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General Information

Submitting a Project:
  1. Please click on SUBMIT A PROJECT below to enter information about each series or collection that has been scanned.

  2. You will be asked to enter your email address and password. WAML members should have received a password in an email. We have established a guest account for non-WAML members within WAML's principal region to use. Please contact WAMLscan@wwu.edu to acquire the password.

  3. Please use one form per collection and be as concise as possible.

  4. After completing the form, click the SUBMIT button.

  5. You will be given an opportunity to review your information, edit as necessary, and resubmit the form when it is complete.

  6. After submitting the form, a notification will be returned to you that details what you have submitted.

  7. Submit a Project

  1. Click on the SEARCH THE CLEARINGHOUSE link to access information submitted by others. You can choose to search on one field or, using Boolean operators, a number of fields.

  2. The results will provide basic information with the option to access the full record.

  3. Results can be sorted by clicking on the column header.

  4. Search the Clearinghouse

Other Information:
  1. Accuracy of information will be based on what you submit. Please carefully check what you have entered.

  2. To Update the Project Status: If the status of your project changes, click on the CHANGE PROJECT STATUS link to send updated information via email.

    Change Project Status
If you have questions or suggestions, please contact: Janet Collins.


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