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Spring 2006 Meeting

University of British Columbia. UBC Library Map & Atlas Collection

May 10-13, 2006

Conference Host:
Tim Ross
Map Librarian, University of British Columbia
Phone: (604) 822-6191
Fax: (604) 822-3335

Spring 2006 Meeting Home


U.S. currency is readily accepted everywhere on campus and in Vancouver , so it is not necessary to buy Canadian currency before leaving home.

When purchasing goods and services, you will earn a premium of between 11 and 14 per cent on your U.S. bills, but nothing on coin. Be aware that some merchants and taxi drivers try to gouge American tourists by offering a very low exchange rate. Reputable businesses post the daily exchange rate for your protection. If you wish to withdraw Canadian cash on your bank card, there are a number of ATMs on campus, including one in the lobby of the Walter Gage Residences and others at three different locations in the Student Union Building (SUB), two minutes away from the Gage Residences. There are also two banks in the University Village , a seven minute walk from the Gage Residences.

Note that all Conference charges other than those for accommodations and parking will be in U.S. dollars. To pay for conference registration, the Early Bird Reception and the Banquet, bring a cheque payable to WAML in U.S. dollars or U.S. currency.

Registration and conference kits will be available during the Early Bird Reception (Wednesday evening), before the Workshop (Thursday afternoon), and before the speaker program (Friday morning).

The most convenient place to eat is the Student Union Building (SUB), directly south of the Gage Residences. There are a dozen eateries on the main and basement floors. Best bets: Pacific Spirit Cafeteria, main floor, open M-F, 7:30 2; The Deli, basement level, M-F, 8-6, take out only; Pendulum, basement level, M-Th, 8-8, F, 8-7, S- S, 11-3. A restaurant called 99 Chairs, immediately south of the Walter C. Koerner Library, is open M-F, 8-4, and is licensed to serve alcohol. Sage Bistro, in the University Centre, offers licensed premium dining for lunch and dinner.

The University Village, a 7 minute walk southeast of the Gage Residences, contains a dozen restaurants with convenient hours (including a late night McDonalds), 3 small food markets, coffee shops, a pharmacy and various other businesses.

There are no retail sales of liquor, beer or wine on campus. Bring a bottle with you (declare it at Canada Customs when entering Canada ), or consult the conference host for the closest locations in Vancouver . Pubs are located in the Student Union Building and the Graduate Student Centre in Thea Koerner House. Sage Bistro, in the University Centre, has a small bar and lounge. The University Golf Club, a 15 minute walk east of Gage Residences on University Boulevard , offers food and drink in a convivial setting.

You can access your email on guest workstations on the second floor of the Walter C. Koerner Library (near the Map & Atlas Collection).

Campus maps
Interactive and static maps can be found at: www.maps.ubc.ca

Emergency telephone number
In case your family needs to contact you: 1-604-822-6191

Spring 2006 Meeting Home

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