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Janet Collins, Mary Larsgaard, Mabel Suzuki and Kathy Rankin conceived the idea of honoring deceased WAML members. Many folks have contributed their rememberances and time locating materials on the WAML members listed below in alphabetical order.
If you know of other deceased WAML members or have better photos than those listed below, please contact Kathy Rankin.

WAML Members: Gone but not forgotten (Memorials)
compiled by Kathy Rankin

WAML 2012 Hawaii remembrance event for deceased WAML members photo collage (photos courtesy of Carlos Diaz, Jon Jablonski, Dean Walton)

Roy Vernon Boswell, 1894-1990 CSU Fullerton WAML Information Bulletin memorial
courtesy of The Roy V. Boswell Collection for the History of Cartography at Pollak Library at Cal State Fullerton.

Edwin H. Bryan, Jr. 1898-1985 Bishop Museum, Hawaii WAML Information Bulletin 17(1) memorial

Sue Trevitt-Clark, 1946-1998 U of Oregon WAML Information Bulletin 29(3) memorial

Sheila Dowd, 1925-2015 UC Berkeley WAML Information Bulletin 46(2) memorial

Carlos Hagen, 1929-2010 UCLA memorial

Barbara Haner, 1942-2010 UCLA WAML Information Bulletin 43(1) memorial
. photo collage

Wendy Romney Hassibe, 1940-1999 USGS memorial

Edward Jestes, 1929-2011 UC Davis memorial

Bea Lukens 1918-2009 UC Berkley memorial

Jim O'Donnell, 1952-2012 Remembrances of Jim
. photo collage
GSIS memorial

James Rothenberger 1936-2003 UC-Riverside memorial

Mary E. Schell 1916-2007 California State Library memorial
no photo available

Vladimir Vladimirovich Shkurkin, 1930-2013 WAML Information Bulletin 45(2) memorial

Richard Soares, 1954-2013 CSU Chico memorial
. photo collage

Richard Spohn, 1945-2008 U of Cincinnati memorial
. A Rememberance

Ed Thatcher, 1916-2001 U of Oregon WAML Information Bulletin 33(2) memorial
. photo collage
1st WAML Honorary Lifetime Membership Award
Tribute from 1981

Ron Whistance-Smith, 1935-2003 U of Alberta WAML Information Bulletin 35(1) memorial
. Ron's 1987 poem for WAML's 20th anniversary
The Map Man: A tribute to Ron Whistance-Smith -selected articles with permission of Edmonton Journal

Maureen Wilson 1925-2004 UBC Vita

Elizabeth Winroth ?-2003 Oregon Historical Society WAML Information Bulletin 34(2) memorial
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